why each time I do a file sync, it showed me that a file trasnfers is occured

Paul Slootman paul at wurtel.net
Mon Oct 24 10:37:28 GMT 2005

On Mon 24 Oct 2005, Adrian Mak wrote:
> >
> > You don't show the --stats output. Please do.
> >
> here is the full output of --stats
> Number of files: 7
> Number of files transferred: 5
> Total file size: 56 bytes
> Total transferred file size: 56 bytes
> Literal data: 0 bytes

0 bytes of "real" data was transmitted, so the data was not copied from
the source to the receiver.

> Matched data: 56 bytes

56 bytes were matched, i.e. all the data was already there, nothing was

Perhaps you should use the --itemize-changes option to show what is

Paul Slootman

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