rsync and caps on FAT32 disk

Alban Taraire alban.taraire at
Mon Oct 24 08:02:28 GMT 2005


I plan to use rsync for backing up my data to a FAT32 USB disk. I'm running 
the last Mandriva linux 2006 and my filesystem is ext8 using UFT-8 charset.

I run into a problem with some of my folders that have full caps names on the 
ext3 disk (/home/foo/BAR/ for example). 

When rsync creates the folder on the USB disk, it doesn't 
create /home/foo/BAR/ but /home/foo/bar/. And then complains about a non 
existing folder when it tries to copy /home/foo/BAR/myfile to the USB disk, 
since the USB disk doesn't contain any /home/foo/BAR/ (but does contain 
a /home/foo/bar/).

I don't know how to solve this problem (except avoiding in the future to use 
full caps names for directories, but this is not a user-friendly solution...)

Note : if i have a /home/foo/Bar/ it works perfectly. I only saw the problem 
with full caps names.



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