Can i prioritize my jobs with RSYNC ?

Amit Sharma amitsharma_26 at
Thu Oct 20 16:28:09 GMT 2005

Suppose we have about 1000 files at location 'A' & 500 files at location 'B' 
& we want them to be transmitted to each other (not exactly synchronizing 
two location).  RSYNC can do that, no issues on that.  But i have few 
queries further.

My first query:
1. Can we make some sort of queuing procedure alongwith or through RSYNC. 
Like in which we can provide priorities to particular JOBs in a queue. Even 
if we are not able to make a seperate system for queuing, Is there a way to 
change the priorities for my Jobs ( Like by default,  jobs are processed  
alphabeticaly or numerically & that is the default priority order).

But what if i have been left with another 600 files to transmit & i want 
last 100 to come at top of this queue or i want these last 100 jobs to be 
transmitted on urgent priority. How to assign priorities to jobs.

Second query:
2. Is there a way to confirm online(not through log files) what exactly has 
been transmitted & what is left to be transmitted. (For example we have the 
--progress & -vvv verbosity options for telling me what exactly is happening 
at this moment)

Third query:
3. Also i wanted to know , is it possible for RSYNC to transmit more than 1 
files at a same time ?

Please Oblige me with your suggestions.

Amit Sharma
Indian express newspapers Ltd.

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