rsync through multiple ssh hops with password authentication prompt

Manuel López-Ibáñez manuellopezibanez at
Thu Oct 20 00:15:54 GMT 2005

Matt McCutchen wrote:
> Martin Schröder's suggestion of ssh-agent might be better in the long
> term or if the X business doesn't work, but I got the impression you
> didn't want to set up any kind of special SSH authentication.

Yes, that is precisely the point.

There is a FAQ section (which I linked in my first message) explaining 
how to do this using keys. That is not the point. For example, isn't it 
possible for the root of middle (or some attacker) to get my keys and 
use them? That won't be the same using passwords. Yes, you can encrypt 
the keys with a passphrase, but then you will end up in the same 
situation as with passwords (from the point of view of using rsync), 
isn't it?

So the point is "rsync through multiple ssh hops with password 
authentication". And now I will add "without X forwarding". Since the 
sshd server in middle does not allow X forwarding (and there are not X 
libraries or programs there, for example no xauth available).

Perhaps it is just impossible or just too complicated. Those are a valid 
answers. :-)


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