[Bug 3175] devices and --link-dest don't seem to work together

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Mon Oct 17 22:27:28 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From foner-rsync-bugzilla at media.mit.edu  2005-10-17 15:27 -------
Oh!  I had no idea --list-dest -wasn't- supposed to work with devices (and
symlinks), given that the documentation for the option said nothing about the
restriction and given that rsync does handle devices (and symlinks) correctly in
other contexts.  So I'd say that was a documentation bug... :)

In any event, I've applied your patch (thanks! how speedy! :) and rerun my quick
test---works fine.  (Also passes all the tests in make test, except for two it
rightly skipped [chmod-temp-dir and ssh-basic].)  I'm now rerunning my full-up
dirvish to make sure that works as well; I should know the results in 90 minutes
or so (and will comment again if it doesn't work).

If you're concerned about this not working in all cases (or on all
filesystems---makes it hard to just check at configure time) and maybe tossing
spurious errors if it -doesn't- work, I guess there's always the possibility of
Yet Another Rsync Option to tell it not to try.  I have no particular opinions
on that, except that rsync already has a ton of options and adding more just
makes that problem worse.  I'd certainly say that this should be enabled by
default and disabled only when necessary and with some sort of warning or
option.  (I have no idea if it's safe to hardlink a device if someone -wasn't-
expecting it, but it can only happen as root...  And if you're running with
--link-dest, as root, there's already something fairly unusual going on and I'd
argue that it's unlikely to screw a -running- system since you're making a -new-
hierarchy that certainly isn't being used as a running system at the time...)

Thanks again!

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