Rsync problem

Srinivas Kotapally ksrinivas at
Mon Oct 17 16:29:12 GMT 2005


I am having a problem with rsyncing 2 directories in my network.  Here is
the situation:

1. I have a directory tree on the 1 server say: SOURCE
2. I have to rsync this directory tree on a backup server, say: Backup
3. This is a huge tree (about 8-9 GB) that grows by about 2-3 % a day.
4. What I did is... I gzipped the tree on a HD and restored it on the backup
5. The file permissions and ownerships are the same on both the machines.
6. Now I run the rsync command like so on the BACKUP server:
rsync -ave ssh myuser at SOURCE:/var/SOURCE/ /backups/SOURCE/

This command results in the entire 8 GB tree to be backed up.  I want only
the incremental files to be rsynced over.

I have checked the files on both the machines they seem to be the same (even
rsynced individual files and checked MD5SUM and they are the same).  Even
then it tires to rsync the entire directory tree!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.


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