[Bug 3168] --min-size cores in 2.6.5 and is completely missing in 2.6.6

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-10-14 10:53 -------
--min-size has never been released in a version of rsync except in the patchs
dir.  I know that Debian has released several versions with --min-size included
(and has recently switched over to using the official patch, which does NOT dump
core), but there may be other distributions that may have decided to include the
option.  This option is being considered for a future release, but seeing how
you've compiled your own version, just apply the patch from the patches dir and

As for who needs to know about the option, the receiver is the one that
implements the filtering logic for what files get transferred, so as long as
you're pulling files, the sending rsync doesn't ever see options like
--max-size, --update, --existing, etc.

As for the size comparison boundry, one solution would be to allow any easy way
to specify +1 or -1, such as --min-size=50k+1 or --max-size=50m-1.

Yes, the man page should be improved to mention exactly what the suffixes mean
-- thanks for pointing that out.  I'm also thinking about allowing the suffix to
specify if the user wants a K to be 1000 instead of 1024, such as suffixing the
K, M, or G with a T to indicate that a power of ten is desired.

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