Cygwin: Back up open files?

Ronan Guilfoyle Ronan at
Thu Oct 13 09:28:24 GMT 2005

I have VSS snapshots created in a batch file nightly and then Rsync the
contents to a remote server.
The trick is to mount the VSS snapshot on and empty folder or drive
letter.  I use a drive letter as mounting on an empty folder means that
the folder will be empty if the snapshot has failed (this causes the
--delete switch to empty the remote copy).
I'm struggling with Exchange 2003 syncs at the moment.  The EDB files
seem to change too much during the nightly database maintenance (online
defrag).  This effectively means there is little to match between local
and remote and so the whole file starts to transfer.  I'm syncing over a
256Kbp link so the transfer cannot complete overnight.
Anyone with Exchange Rsync options? I'll post some of my (plagarised)
batch files if anyone wants them
  Ronan Guilfoyle
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