Rsync over SSH-tunnel A->B->C using daemon on C

Stefaan Lhermitte stefaan.lhermitte at
Wed Oct 12 10:45:09 GMT 2005


I'm trying to put up a scripts to synchronize my computers (HOST_A and 
HOST_C). I can connect both via HOST_B to avoid the firewall.
I am trying to work with the rsync daemon to avoid hanging.

I tried to figure out the mailinglist + FAQ, how to do it, but it seems 
I misunderstand something, since all your previous help did not work for 
I get the following error when executing the rsync-step:

Failed to connect to HOST_C: Connection timed out (116).

The scipt I now use is:

# On HOST_A the following commands are executed

# Start rsync daemon on HOST_C and check rsyncd.conf file
ssh HOST_B ssh HOST_C rsync --daemon
ssh HOST_B ssh HOST_C cat /etc/rsycd.conf

# Create SSH-tunnel
ssh -fN -l myusername -L 8873:HOST_B:8873 HOST_C

# Rsync folders
rsync -auv rsync://HOST_C:8873/module_on_HOST_C/folder_on_HOST_C 

# Close rsync daemon on HOST _C and SSH-tunnel
ssh HOST_C killall rsync
killall ssh


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