[Bug 2957] rsync hangs when client put files to server (checked in 2.6.6 too)

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Tue Oct 11 19:10:07 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From bugzilla.samba at neufeind.net  2005-10-11 12:10 -------
Over here no cygwin is involved. Only rsync over an stunnel using xinetd.
Colleague said he even tried that without stunnel, but with no better success.

I did try the test-script as well - but neither with 500 nor 2500 generated
random-files I was able to reproduce the problem "cleanly" unfortunately :-(

I did attach a backtrace and the syscall in which it hangs already. Is more
detailed information needed? Since the problem (at least here) is not cleanly
reproduceable with demo-data unfortunately the _full_ strace-log might include
sensitive data, that I wouldn't appreciate to be online. So in case you could
narrow the problem (strace-output) a bit down or provide some kind of
test-scripts that would really help!

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