[Bug 2957] rsync hangs when client put files to server (checked in 2.6.6 too)

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Tue Oct 11 14:19:44 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From peter.keitler at baltech.de  2005-10-11 07:19 -------
I tried the same script with our Linux server as rsync server (rsync 2.6.0). In
this constellation, everything is ok. So maybe, I am confronted with a pure
Cygwin problem that is different from the original bug 2957 that has been
reported on a Linux system. Do you have the possibility to reproduce it with
Cygwin or shall I report the problem in the cygwin list?
Anyway, the problem is not independent of timing. I wrote yesterday that the
script has to be invoked twice (assuming testdir and its contents don't exist),
thus the files have to be overwritten on the client. I just switched to rsync
server mode (::) and activated debugging messages with '-vvvvvvvvvv'. Now, it
gets stuck already in the first run.

> Any possibility too track it down further with the backtrace or so?

I'm not familiar with cygwin debugging. The cygwin 'ps' command shows an 'O'
which means that rsync gets stuck in an 'Output' operation. 

$ ps
     3796    3196    3796       3364    1 1013 16:15:11 /usr/bin/bash
O    1588    2436    1588       2944    ? 1013 16:16:48 /usr/bin/rsync
     3408    3796    3408       3200    1 1013 16:17:24 /usr/bin/ps

Invoking 'strace' then just shows

$ strace -p 1588
Attached to pid 1588 (windows pid 2944)
   11      11 [unknown (0x108)] rsync 1588 _cygtls::remove: wait 0x0

Don't know if this is useful. Please tell me what to do, if necessary.

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