windows acl with rsync possible ?

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Wed Oct 5 14:21:00 GMT 2005

it seems that rsync doesn't fully support windows acl for the moment
when you try to rsync a source with any acl on files a crazy brain can 
you just can't have more than an inherited scheme acl on the destination
for this mechanism, we have to use xcopy (which work at file level, not 
at block)

thank you all, bye

Support FPS a écrit :

> Hi all, (i am new at rsync althought using it for a year and half)
> i was unable to find a direct answer to this questions :
> _does rsync under windowz really support ACL replication ?_
> if I "rsync" a directory, files inherit from the acl of that dir. but 
> if special acls are setted on some files
> these are lost in the replication : only inherited acls are written
> i tried this with rsync 130a, one collegue of mine tried this in 201
> i know there is a CYGWIN=[ntsec|nontsec] option
> i will try to change that inside the server and let you know
> _I also heard about an acl-patch : is it for windoz ACL also or unix 
> ACL only ?_ (
> ps : <> has been 
> hacked... some guys has time to waste (it is easier to destroy than to 
> construct)
> a real thank you in advance to all
> Stephane

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