rsync hanging on large windows directories

Nicholas M Saraniti nick at
Tue Oct 4 19:38:12 GMT 2005

I have a RH 8.0 box which issues the following command to a Windows 
machine running the most recent version of cygwin.  Both boxes have been 
updated to rsync 2.6.6 and I use the following command from the LINUX 
BOX (SSH keygen agent is setup for passwordless logins and the IP is 
aliased under /.ssh/config)

rsync -avz --delete --progress -e "ssh" 
userName at WIndowsBoxIP:/cygdrive/e/www/Apache/htdocs/ 

Sometime rsync hangs on getting the file list (~1400 Files in many 

Most times the transfer starts and hangs on the first large file

Once the rsync actually completed.

There appears to be nothing unusual when using -avvvz

/cygdrive/e on the WIndows 2K box is a local drive (not a network share)

I have this exact same problem on two different Win2K machiens (Win2K 
Pro, and Win2K Advanced Server)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.....

Thanks In Advance,


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