[Bug 2957] rsync hangs when client put files to server (checked in 2.6.6 too)

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Sun Oct 2 14:14:28 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From bugzilla.samba at neufeind.net  2005-10-02 07:14 -------
See attached backtrace. Client+server are hung in a select-syscall. The sync is
currently runnign through an stunnel for security-reasons, but a colleague said
the same occured even without stunnel running. Killing the sync and restarting
it a few times, finally makes the sync go through step by step. It seems that 
it has got to do something with the number of files which need to be synced or
similar. The file which is synced when the hang occurs is not "locked" or
anything - it's a static image that was created hours ago in this case.

PS: Please update version-number of this bug to 2.6.6!

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