Error creating temporary file on remote PC

Vijay Ram Chitrapu (RCVIJAYD) cvijay at
Tue Nov 29 13:43:28 GMT 2005

Hi all,

  I am facing an error while trying to use the  --temp-dir option
  in the rsync version 2.4.8. I am aware that it is an old version. But 
  due to space constrain, i am to use this version. The rsync command with 
  options is below:
   rsync -aI --stats --timeout=60 --temp-dir=/tmp /config/flash.dat
  When the above command is given, the following error is given.

   cannot create /tmp/.flash.dat.xxxxx 

  I have verified the directory (tmp directory) permissions also. But 
  still the error persists.
  Instead if i give the command as below, everything is fine.
   rsync -aI --stats --timeout=60 --temp-dir=/ /config/flash.dat 
  With this above command, the temporary file is created well.
  Can anyone please help me out of this problem ?? I have attached the
  rsyncd.conf file to this mail which is on PC
  Thanks In Advance,
  Vijay Ram.C

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log file = /etc/rsyncd.log
uid = 0
gid = 0
use chroot = false
read only = false

path = /config/
comment = "This is in flash"

path = /appl/
comment = "This is in RAM" 

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