Rsync sincronize complete file and not the changes

Stephen Allen rsync at
Fri Nov 25 16:24:24 GMT 2005

On Friday, November 25, 2005 3:07 PM
<rsync at> wrote:

>> I have mounted the windows directory with samba and i have executed
>> rsync with -avr parameters to sinchronize the files.
>> After sinchronization i have opened one file but i didn't made any
>> change but openned date of the file.
>> I have relaunched sinchronization and the file is completely
>> sinchronized and not only the changes in the date...i haved changed
>> one character in the file too (the file is a txt file), and it has
>> completely synchronized  too....what's the problem? Help Me plz
> With no rsync server, you're mounting an smb share instead, and both
> source/dest are treated as local (in which case the rsync incremental
> algorithm is not used).  You may want to use the "--no-whole-file"
> option to allow the incremental algorithm.

I forgot to say, if you're reading the file for incremental algorithm, over 
a network it will be slow - you might aswell just let it write the entire 
thing, "--whole-file" - it still checks date/time ok.

You might also want to try cwRsync (  It's an rsync 
client for Windows.  I find it better to do it this way than mount a Windows 

Steve :) 

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