[Bug 3186] Surprisingly large unshared memory usage

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Thu Nov 24 19:28:58 GMT 2005


------- Comment #8 from foner-rsync-bugzilla at media.mit.edu  2005-11-24 12:28 MST -------
Yikes.  Well, I'm certainly runnning 2.6 on everything here.

You're certainly in a better position than I am to try to bug-report this to
the kernel developers; is that your next step?  (I'm assuming there wasn't some
API change that makes this "not a bug", but I haven't investigated.)


Btw, I suspect that dirvish's use of --delete might have originated in
debugging, or if someone tries to recreate a failed run by redoing it on the
same day (and hence in the same tree) without blowing away the tree first,
since by default the trees are named by dates.  In those cases, --delete would
make sense, and since leaving it in theoretically will do nothing in the usual
case, I'll ignore it.

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