[Bug 3186] Surprisingly large unshared memory usage

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Thu Nov 24 18:27:56 GMT 2005


------- Comment #7 from wayned at samba.org  2005-11-24 11:27 MST -------
You are right that dervish does not need to use --delete when copying into a
new directory, but it also doesn't hurt anything (since it won't actually do
much of anything).

I read something that made it sound like this might be a recent change in the
Linux kernel, so I added a sleep(1000) to both the generator and the receiver
right after they fork and then ran a test on a system with a linux-2.4 kernel
and a linux-2.6 kernel.  The processes stayed shared on the 2.4 system, but
became unshared right after the fork on the 2.6 kernel, so this appears to be
something that needs to be investigated in Linux itself.

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