[Bug 3271] Rsync instances stay in memory when using in daemon mode

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Thu Nov 24 05:07:35 GMT 2005


------- Comment #2 from euclid80 at users.sf.net  2005-11-23 22:07 MST -------
I have found that adding "#define SHUTDOWN_ALL_SOCKETS" to config.h (at least
on the client side) solves the problem.  Without it, the connection is closed
with an error (connection reset), rather than with an end-of-file.  The
server's receiving code handles the error, and it goes into _exit_cleanup and
gets all the way to the exit() call, but exit() hangs because it tries to flush
a socket that is in an error state.  If the client properly closes its sockets,
the problem does not occur.

Of course, this is only a workaround.  It does not handle the case where the
connection is legitimately reset because of network errors.  It just keeps
rsync from foiling itself.  A more complete solution in the receiving code is

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