[Bug 3186] Surprisingly large unshared memory usage

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Wed Nov 23 07:34:32 GMT 2005


------- Comment #3 from foner-rsync-bugzilla at media.mit.edu  2005-11-23 00:34 MST -------
I'm actually using 2.6.7.  In fact, I'm using a version from CVS in which Wayne
added --min-size and --max-size, and fixed (and then re-fixed) a bug in hlink.
This isn't currently the very latest CVS, but I believe corresponds to
rsync-HEAD-20051014-2036GMT, plus the hlink stuff.  I could fairly trivially
update to the very latest CVS if it was useful in figuring out what's going on;
my fundamental question was, "Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding
something?" and it's sounding like you believe it's a bug.

I'm reasonably sure that I saw this same behavior in the rsync that ships in
Ubuntu Breezy, which is their (somewhat Debianized and with a broken
--min|max-size) version of 2.6.5.  If it was really necessary, I could
re-verify that I saw this behavior in that version, although it'd take some

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