Permissions problem I don't understand

Alan Chandler alan at
Sat Nov 19 10:29:01 GMT 2005

I am try to use rsync from my windows box (under cygwin) to back up "My 
Documents" on to a debian server (known on my home network as roo.home) 
running rsyncd from inetd where it is run as root.

my rsyncd.conf file sets the gid and uid to user backup.backup thusly:-

syslog facility = daemon
uid = backup
gid = backup
hosts allow =
hosts deny =
timeout = 600
read only = false


path = /bak/rabbit
comment = work computer (rabbit) backup area


Inside /bak/rabbit are two directories - backup and archive, both of which are 
owned by backup.backup .  backup dir has permissions of 770 , archive (which 
seems to have been created automatically by rsync has 755 (I assume because 
of a umask somewhere of 022).

As a test - I created a file (also with owner backup.backup) 

/bak/rabbit/backup/My\ Documents/test.file

I run the command from the windows box as follows (excluding mail induced word 

rsync -axq --modify-window=2 --delete --exclude=Mail/ --backup 
--backup-dir=/archive ~/My\ Documents/  roo.home::rabbit/backup/My\ 

and get the following error message

rsync: keep_backup failed: "/backup/My Documents/test.file" (in rabbit) -> 
"/archive/test.file": Permission denied (13)
rsync: stat "/archive/test.file" (in rabbit) failed: No such file or directory 

(and pretty much the same thing has been logged at the server end)

WHY? - everything at the server end is user backup group backup.

Alan Chandler
Open Source. It's the difference between trust and antitrust.

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