why does rsync list files for one directory but not another

Jeff Orrok jeff at lxvi.net
Fri Nov 18 05:04:28 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 16:55, Jeff Orrok wrote:
> Hi, I'm running rsync 2.5.7 on RHEL3 locally and 2.5.4 on RH7.3
> remotely.  Below is a transcript of a session where rsync lists the
> files that it will transfer for /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc but not for
> /home/jeff.  Would someone tell me what I need to do to get it to work?

uhhhh I found a cron job that had already pulled over the entire /home
tree :">

For future reference, how many -v's does it take to get a file-by-file
diagnostic (eg "taurox:/home/jeff/foo will not be copied because it is
not newer than /var/taurox/home/jeff/foo")?

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