File transfer from/to mapped drive with cygwin rsync

sanalkumar.siva at sanalkumar.siva at
Thu Nov 10 12:27:37 GMT 2005

Hello Wayne,

	Thanks for the reply,

	We tried with cygwin style path also. Still we are getting the
same error.

	Following is the error from rsync server log:

2005/11/10 17:44:32 [1716] rsync: chdir /cygdrive/i/check failed
: Permission denied (13)

	Where I: is a mapped drive in Windows. We've provided the full
access to I: for everybody.

	Will the upgrade to latest rsync will help? We are using rsync

Thanks in advance,

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>     @ERROR: chdir failed

Just read the server's log file to discover what directory was being
attempted in that chdir() call (rsync doesn't like to reveal such info
from the daemon to the client).  I'm guessing you're trying to use a
DOS-style path, which is not supported by rsync (use a cygwin-style


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