[Bug 3244] exit status with large directories

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-11-06 14:18 -------
rsync did not crash -- exit code 23 is how it indicates that some kind of a read
error occurred during the reading of the files on the sending system (the error
message will probably have scrolled off the screen in a large transfer, so be
sure to capture all the output, including stderr).

I appreciate the extra detail of the copy commands you used, because it
confirmed my suspicion that the extra updates you saw were due to you creating a
duplicate set of files in the destination.  I.e.:  this command:

rsync -e ssh -avzl --delete myhost.mydomain.com:/var /backup_disk/root/var

actually created a directory /backup_disk/root/var/var.

You should either leave off the trailing "var" in the destination, or add a
trailing slash in the source to avoid that.

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