rsync and cron : connection unexpectedly closed

Paul Slootman paul at
Mon May 30 16:02:26 GMT 2005

On Mon 30 May 2005, Maurice Lucas wrote:
> I use rsync with the following command
> #/usr/bin/rsync -ta rsync.server.domain::dir/* /destination

Note: it's always better to let rsync do wildcard expansion in such
cases, and -a implies -t already; i.e. use:

/usr/bin/rsync -a rsync.server.domain::dir/ /destination

> from the command prompt without any problem but if I use the same rsync 
> command from cron I get the following error
> daemon.warn: May 30 15:18:42 rsyncd[24703]: rsync: connection unexpectedly 
> closed (0 bytes received so far) [receiver]
> daemon.warn: May 30 15:18:42 rsyncd[24703]: rsync error: error in rsync 
> protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(420)
> Could somebody tell me why.

Try adding -v options (often -vv is enough) to show more details.

Paul Slootman

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