how to reduce rsync system usage

dtra dtra at
Mon May 30 02:06:52 GMT 2005

On Fri 27 May 2005, dtra wrote:

> when i try this, it says unable to find rsyncd.conf
> nice -n 19 rsync -a --rsh="ssh -l remoteuser -c blowfish" 
> rsyncuser <at> /path/to//bak//

Wayne's point of saying "use a daemon" (to paraphrase a bit :-)
is to eliminate use of ssh. By explicitly passing an --rsh option you
tell rsync to connect via ssh, and then start a one-off rsync daemon for
this transfer.

Try starting the rsync daemon separately first on the remote, i.e.
something like:

    rsync --daemon --config /etc/rsyncd.conf

Then do the transfer like this:

    rsync -a rsyncuser <at> /path/to//bak//

Add nice -n 19 where appropriate :-) (on one or both ends, depending on
what you want).

Paul Slootman

sorry, working on two different machines, so half of the emails on the other computer

ok i did all as suggested, and tried 
rsync -a rsyncer at /path/to/bak/
rsync -a --password-file=/path/to/pwfile rsyncer at /path/to/bak/

but it says @ERROR: access denied to rsync_module from unknown ( for both


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