rsync file sync by priority

C. P. mefistos at
Thu May 26 12:36:53 GMT 2005


may be you can run two passes of rsync, one transferring *xml, the other one 

Carlos Pantelides

>Hello All -
>I'm looking for a switch(es) to ensure rsync indexes the pull of files from 
>remotedir, LIFO (last in first out) and then by .ext type where file 
>basenames are similar.
>file_a.xml ctime of 09:01:07
>file_a.jar ctime of 09:01:02
>get transfered before
>file_b.xml ctime of 09:01:45
>file_b.jar ctime of 09:01:45
>and the .xml of basename $file would always be transferred first.
>I'm unsure if this is in the detailed docs on the algorithm, but RTFM 
>method was not working for me and I couldn't find anything in the man pages 
>other than preservation of the modified times of the remote directory.
>Thanks in Advance.

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