how to reduce rsync system usage

Andrew Gideon c172driver99820 at
Thu May 26 01:49:49 GMT 2005

dtra wrote:

> but rsync still takes up more resources than we want it to
> it takes up to 95% (fluctuating) cpu load and a fair bit of memory too
> the cron job uses nice -19 rsync
> but that doesn't seem to do anything, is there anyway to make it use
> like 5% cpu or something?

If the other uses of your machine consume 5% of the CPU, then rsync will be
free to use 95% of the CPU regardless of priority.  And that's a Good
Thing: you're getting your money's worth for the machine.

However, you may wish to check the man page for "nice".  If you really did
what you wrote you did, you didn't do what you think you did <grin>.

 - Andrew

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