rsync incorrectly deletes files ?

Frank Post Frank.Post at
Tue May 24 15:45:59 GMT 2005

rsync -e  'ssh -x' --log-format="%o /%n %b" -tLr --delete --files-from=files-to-sync --exclude-from=files-to-exclude user at host:/ /temp/
del. /etc/mail/spamfilter/mx1/whitelist.conf 0
del. /etc/mail/spamfilter/mx1/blacklist.conf 0
recv /etc/mail/spamfilter/mx1/ 0
recv /etc/mail/spamfilter/mx1/blacklist.conf 211
recv /etc/mail/spamfilter/mx1/whitelist.conf 924

Why does rsync delete this files despite that the files are there and gets sync'ed ?

I can reproduce this behavior every time, i'll run the command.

/etc/mail/spamfilter/mx1/ is part of files-to-sync

It seems that the files which will be deleted changes if the list of files-to-sync changes.

I'll get this with Solaris x86 rsync 2.6.4 + 2.6.5pre2

Thanks in advance.
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