filelist caching optimization proposal

Carson Gaspar carson at
Mon May 23 14:29:45 GMT 2005

--On Monday, May 23, 2005 03:24:07 PM +0200 Edwin Eefting <edwin at> 

> My idea is to create a patch for something like a --cache option that
> will use  a cached version of the filelist: This way instead of creating
> the filelist  every time (100.000's of system calls, diskaccesses), we
> can now load the  filelist in one instance. This is even more usefull for
> rsync-servers, that  are usually read-only. (like the gentoo mirrors or
> which always  has a +100 load it seems ;)

You should take a look at how sup/cvsup behave before diving in, as they do 
something similar.


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