filelist caching optimization proposal

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Mon May 23 14:09:25 GMT 2005

Edwin Eefting wrote...

> -What are the opinions of other people on this list? 

Sounds like a great idea for me but I'm just an rsync user.

> -Would it be easy to implement, or would it give too much trouble? 

Without looking into the sources I think it should not be that difficult
to dump the list of found items into a file and resume later from that

[ re-ordering ]
> -Any ideas on WHERE to store such a cache? (a magic hidden file in the 
> directory that is being builded perhaps?)

I'd leave that to the user/admin. The according option describes a file
where to store the cache information.

> -What are the most likely problems i would run into when i try to implement 
> this?

You can expect a feature request that allows to manipulate certain parts
of the cache only (re-scan or delete a subtree). This would turn the
cache into a database but will surely introduce a lot of trouble to

Other problems like the forseeable synchronisation problems and races in
the cache generation should be caught by locking and/or "It's a


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