Close list to outsider's posts?

Keith Lofstrom keithl at
Sat May 21 00:34:14 GMT 2005

On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 11:46:32AM -0500, mirrors at wrote:
> Does the list allow you to subscribe, but elect not to get the messages 
> send to you?  I know some lists allow this.

This is a Mailman list, and Mailman is very configurable.  Users can
stay subscribed to the list, but can disable mail delivery (useful if
you go on vacation).  Disabling mail delivery would allow sporadic
participants to post without seeing the list every day.

If the rsync list is changed to "subcriber only", then non-subscribers
can still post, but the messages have to be approved by a moderator.  
Mailman can be configured for multiple moderators, so any one of them
can go to the webpage and approve a non-subscriber message for broadcast.
Moderators can also "turn off" individual users of something goes wrong.

Wayne is doing the work to run this list, and he does a good job, so I
would defer to his preferences.  However, those that want the list to
be subscriber-only might volunteer to help moderate;  then perhaps
Wayne will change his preferences. 

With the relatively low volume of spam so far, I agree with Paul, leave
it open.  With the potential to get inundated once the spam 'bots find
us, we should be ready to change.


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