Mysterious (bogus?) rsync(d) errors -- (code 23) at main.c(1045)

Josh Berkus josh at
Thu May 19 16:15:01 GMT 2005

John, Wayne,

> It looks OK, so I can't explain the 'chown' errors.  They're already the
> same so it shouldn't be trying to chown the target "." in the first place.

> This is an attempt to set the group (when not running as root) of the
> base directory (you get two of them because of the post-processng
> directory-permissions pass).  So, if the destination is "/pgdata", that
> is the directory with the chown problem.  Perhaps your OS doesn't allow
> a mount point to be changed to a different group?

Hmmmm ... the chown errors don't seem to be the cause of the failures.   I 
removed --perms --group --owner, and the chown errors went away, but the sync 
still fails.

> The "Skipping" message is ambiguous but I'm pretty sure this the cause.
> Try removing the --safe-links option.

> This is because you didn't specify --links.  It would be easier if you
> just specifed "-a" instead of --perms --owner --group --times --recursive
> and --links, though.

Hmmm, if I do that, it transfers (and breaks) the symlinks.   I want it to 
leave them alone, with --safe-links appears to do.

> So the chown errors are causing the "partial transfer" exit codes.
> Try running with a few -v options to see in more detail what rsync is
> trying to do...

Didn't help, but I think Wayne's analysis is correct; it's trying to chown the 
mount point, which only root can do.  But, like I said, getting rid of the 
chown errors did not get rid of the code 23 failure.

> What is the error message, exactly?  Is it from the source or the target
> (it's hard to tell on the older versions of rsync).  IO Error could also
> be from 64-bit problems in rsync for files larger that 2GB.  There have
> been issues in the past with that as I recall.  What file is the IO Error
> happening on?

It appears to be happening on the "--delete"; that is, the transfer works fine 
but the delete fails.   Will get --vvv output when I can run it again.

Josh Berkus
Aglio Database Solutions
San Francisco

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