[Bug 2628] hangs indefinitely at start of phase 1

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Mon May 16 18:19:38 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From schwardt at sun.ac.za  2005-05-16 11:19 -------

I have also been bitten by this deadlock bug. Some information on the systems in

client side (receiving files):
rsync 2.6.4
kernel 2.4.25
up-to-date Debian sarge

server side (sending files):
rsync 2.6.3
kernel 2.4.23
Debian sarge (slightly older)

I am rsync'ing over an SSH tunnel from within a Python script. The bug is
completely repeatable, appearing each time I ran the script in question. The
rsync client command in the script is:

rsync -avuz --timeout=300 --rsh="ssh -p 5555 -l root" localhost::aa/*.pt1 .

When I add "-vvv", the process hangs at "generate_files phase=1".

Some funny stuff I tried:

- I created the SSH tunnel from the command line, and typed the above command
(except I used a different target directory). It worked.

- I reran the Python script (which sets up an identical SSH tunnel and rsyncs
based on os.system()). It didn't work.

- I could alternate between the above two scenarios ad infinitum.

- I edited the script and replaced "*.pt1" with "2005-05-16.pt1" (a file in the
same glob that didn't yet exist on the client side). It worked.

- When I changed it back to "*.pt1", it didn't work again.

- In the script I had another rsync line just below the one given above, with
the only difference that it copied "*.wm1" files instead of "*.pt1". I swapped
the two lines, and it worked (it copied the *.wm1 files).

- When I switched the two lines back, the bug went away (Damn!). Now the "*.pt1"
files were also copied.

I couldn't yet make the bug reappear again, which is kinda frustrating :-)

Hope this helps in some way.

P.S. I've seen similar reports on the mailing list. Just google for 'rsync hangs
"generate_files phase=1"'.

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