rsync via tunnel - 3 boxes separated by internet

Wayne Davison wayned at
Sun May 15 23:28:42 GMT 2005

On Sun, May 15, 2005 at 05:59:32PM -0500, Jay Strauss wrote:
> Permission denied (publickey,keyboard-interactive).

You need to enable password-less access, usually accomplished by using
an ssh-key setup and having ssh forward authorizations using ssh-agent.
There is a link on the resources page of the web site that talks about
password-less ssh access.  Also, make sure that your ssh doesn't turn
off "ForwardAgent".  (To test this, you should be able to run the
command "ssh BoxB ssh BoxC uptime" without any password prompting from
BoxB to BoxC.)

See also the "keychain" project for a way to manage an ssh-agent on your
backup machine so that you can automate the rsync runs and still have
your private key secured using a passphrase.

> Also, how do I make it use a tunnel to BoxB?

You don't -- there's no need for that.  Rsync uses ssh by default these
days (but see also the --rsh (-e) option and the RSYNC_RSH environment
variable for how to customize what remote shell is used by rsync if ssh
is not being used by default).


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