[Bug 2628] hangs indefinitely at start of phase 1

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Sun May 15 00:14:14 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From oopla at users.sf.net  2005-05-14 17:14 -------
The rsync link started with rsync as in Slackware 9.0, then I kept up with
distro rels and later with cvs, locally compiling werever needed (one end runs
Debian 2.2 - Potato).

Yes, I first looked at openvpn, upgraded it to latest stable (2.0), but nothing
changed. The puzzling thing was that other services are running fine over the 
link - http, imap, smtp.

At first I didn't question the kernel on endpoint machines... to 'patch' the 
link keeping rsync I relaied the traffic through my home notebook:

==[A]-----------(I'net:openvpn:UDP broken for rsync)-----------B==
    \                                                         /
     --(I'net:vtund:TCP rsync)--[C]--(I'net:vtund:TCP rsync)--

and that was just fine. So endpoints and openvpn seemed ok.

But I had a suspect... kernel on endpoints was 2.4.27 - I seem to recall 
there was a bug (fixed in 2.4.28) in datagram generator (missing counter,
something)... which perhaps over long periods screws up something in the 
kernel - whatever, fact is that relais VPN with vtund over UDP did not work 
while over TCP did work fine.

Then eventually I upgraded kernel on B and rebooted, but rsync still hanged
over openvpn:UDP. Finally upgraded/rebooted A as well, and now rsync over
that direct openvpn:UDP works flawlessly, as well as the other services.

So, my problem seems solved ... so far :].

I'm not 100% sure it was the kernel / that UDP bug to blame, as other 
services did run ok anyway, but I would not know were else to look.

Indeed, endpoints with 2.4.31-pre1 + openvpn:UDP are up since only ~70h by 
now, while the problem started after nearly 7 months of continuous operation.
(rsync sequences are fired once every 15')

So it might be too early to say a definitve word, but if you did not spot
anything suspicious in rsync code - or conversely, from above you can exclude
for sure a glitch in rsync, I'd rather change status to LATER or REMIND
(whatever that means, since they're not defined in Bug's Life - I'm just 
guessing here). 

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