[Bug 2712] --cvs-exclude does not work as advertised: core directories

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------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-05-13 11:50 -------
Your diagnosis is slightly inaccurate -- CVS does exclude directories that
match any of the ignore terms (e.g. run "mkdir foobar.a; cvs up" and CVS
won't output "? foobar.a").  What you're seeing is that it's possible to
commit any file or directory into CVS, even if it matches an ignore term,
so the presence of an item in the CVS/Entires file overrides an ignore.

There's a fairly new diff in the "patches" dir named "cvs-entries.patch"
that handles this problem:


This patch causes rsync to enter "include" rules for every item in each
directory's CVS/Entries file.  I'm debating whether I think this is a
good idea or not to include in the regular distribution, since it ties
rsync even more tightly to a single SCM system.  (Note that this diff
was included in the 2.6.5pre1 tar file.)

Another solution is to translate the CVS/Entries into rsync filter rules
(filter rules were introduced in 2.6.4).  An example of this is the brand
new script, cvs2includes, in the support dir:


This script creates .cvsinclude files out of the CVS/Entries, and you
just need to tell rsync to include it in each directory, using a command
like this:

    cd src/dir
    rsync -avC -f ': .cvsinclude' . to/

That's not as convient as having rsync understand the files directly,

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