help me understand keepalive..

Steve Sether steve at
Thu May 12 21:43:55 GMT 2005

I'm not sure keepalive is working the way I think it's supposed to.
Here's my test.  I've got a large file (approx 1 gig) on the rsync
server, and I append a character on the end to make it slightly
different.  I fire up rsync on the client side and everything
works fine until I hit the timeout value.  I have this
problems when I have a timeout of below 90 seconds.  I've tried
30, and 60 second timeout values, and still get this problem.
After I increase the timeout to 90 seconds or above, it works fine.

Now my understanding was that the keepalive feature was supposed to
prevent this from ever happening.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is 60 seconds
just way too short of a time to expect to put for a timeout value for
very large files?  Or do I miss-understand what the keepalive function
is supposed to do?

I've tried 2.6.4, and 2.6.5pre1 on both the client and server.

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