trigger for pre and post rsync

C. P. mefistos at
Thu May 12 18:10:49 GMT 2005


Please be patient, its hard to me to explain this even in my native 

I think it may be useful to add an option like lograte's prerotate and 
postrotate, that triggers server side scripts before and after rsync. It 
would help the administrator work.

Escenary 1:

client -> rsync server -> 2nd stage rsync server

Want to rsync from rsync server to 2nd stage rsync server before rsync from 
client to rsync server.

Escenary 2:

client -> rsync server

Want to run a check if there are "accepted but not liked" kind of files, 
like   executables or oversized mail folders. This check runs as soon as 
rsync finishes and notifies the user.

My opinion:

I think that "prersync" would be more useful but problematic, the client 
have to wait until it completes to begin the real work. Would there be the 
need to keep alive the connection? Will the normal rsync process run 
regardless of "prersync" result?  What if it never ends?

"postrsync" is easy to "emulate", periodically scanning the logs. But then 
you have related actions very separated.

I cant see any way to "emulate" "prersync".

What to you think?

Carlos Pantelides

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