Two folders !

Terry Dooher tdooher.lists at
Mon May 9 12:17:17 GMT 2005

BASING Tibor Vovcak wrote:
> Hello !!
> I need to sync two folders in fedora linux.
> One      is at /ftp/test/test1
> Second is at /ftp/test/test1/test3
> I need to sync /ftp/test/test1/test3 that new files uploaded will be 
> seen in /ftp/test/test1 every hour or a day .
> How do i do that ?

I admit I may be misunderstanding the purpose here but, from your description, 
it sounds lke you're setting up an hourly mirror of /ftp/test/test1/test3 in 

The command line:

rsync -av /ftp/test/test1/test3/* /ftp/test/test1/

Should be all you need to do, but it depends on how the folders are 
structured. If you have a folder called /ftp/test/test1/test3/test3 then the 
above command line would likely break horribly.  Can I ask why you want to 
mirror the contents of a folder into its own parent folder?


  Thank YOU ALL !
> Tibor Vovčak
> Slovenia

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