DNS lookup failures with rsync 2.6.4 on HP UX 11

Selva Kumar Nataraj selvakumar.nataraj001 at msd.govt.nz
Sun May 8 22:31:34 GMT 2005

Hello All,

I have compiled Rsync 2.6.4 on HP UX 11 using gcc 4.0. rsync binary 
fails to query DNS for a host name. If I give IP address instead of host 
name everything works ok. I tried to run snoop on DNS server by failed 
to recieve any packets. This would mean that rsync is not every hitting 
DNS server.

I get this error message
*rsync -v hello::
rsync: getaddrinfo: hello 873: host nor service provided, or not known
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(99)

If I replace hello with proper ip address or then add hello and its ip 
address in hosts file, everything works fine.

Any solution will be much appreciated.


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