send_file and opd_dir Permission denied (13)

Vincent Yonemitsu yonemitsuv at
Sat May 7 16:33:03 GMT 2005

I am trying to backup some samba shares on computera to computerb
all accounts on computera match computerb passwords and groups
The rsyncd.conf file is as follow
uid = root
gid = root
max connections = 10
syslog facility = local5
pid file = /var/run/
auth users = root
secrest file = /etc/.rs_sec
path = /home/sharedfolders

the /etc/.rs_sec file is

The folders within sharedfolders are 770 and so are the files. I am
using those permisions to control who has access to them via samba. on
computer b I am running and getting this

[root at eagle2 ~]# rsync -avvvvz --recursive --password-file /etc/.rs_pass
root at /home/centralbackup
opening tcp connection to port 873
opening connection using --server --sender -vvvvlogDtprz . backupshares
(Client) Protocol versions: remote=28, negotiated=28
receiving file list ...
rsync: opendir "/fodler1" (in backupshares) failed: Permission denied
rsync: opendir "/folder2" (in backupshares) failed: Permission denied
rsync: opendir "/folder3" (in backupshares) failed: Permission denied
 and so on and so forth all the way down
If I create a folder with contents  with 777 I can back them up. But I
am confused since I thought I was connecting as the root user? The
.rs_pass file only contains the root password.

Any thoughts as to where I am going wrong?

Vincent Yonemitsu
Information Technology Services
(905)639-3611 ext 153
yonemitsuv at
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