[Bug 2670] rsync does not support Solaris' doorfs

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Tue May 3 10:16:06 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From zosh at ife.ee.ethz.ch  2005-05-03 03:16 -------
I resaerched a bit and found this: The door fs, implemented under Solaris and
Linux, is a special file descriptor created by door_create. On this descriptor
sits an IPC structure that provides a fast IPC between processes on the same

It makes IMO little sense to copy such descriptors because exist only as long
as the calling process exists. I could neither mv, cp or mknod them.

Therefore I propose the following for rsync:
- rsync acknowledges that there is a doorfs but does not copy such descriptors.
- the man page and other doc stuff is amended according to this.
- rsync skips door descriptors silently unless the verbosity level is high
  enough to report it.
- configure checks for door.h. If it is present a HAS_DOORFS is set in config.h
- The code is changed so that it ignores (and maybe reports) door descriptors
  inside "#ifdef DOORFS ... #endif" clauses

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