AW: [rsync-announce] Rsync 2.6.4 released

Molumuri, Janardhan mjanar at
Thu Mar 31 09:44:40 GMT 2005

When using --cvs-exclude option rsync is unable to sync *.exe files.

Its throwing the following error.

[sender] excluding file Update.exe because of pattern *.exe

any ideas?

P.S. I am using rsync-2.6.3 version.

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What about talking English, so we can also understand what you say. I really 
thought there are English only groups. Thanks.

But to stay on-topic, great job Wayne! I'm going to implement this version 
slowly in my environments and hopefully it operates as stable as 2.6.3 did :) 
I'm looking forward to use the new features, like logging, delete after (as 
mentioned below), keep-a-live etc. 

- Joost

On Thursday 31 March 2005 09:46, Markus Kemkes wrote:
> Sorry, aber 2.6.4 ist ZIEMLICH GEIL. Da müssen wir mal die neuen
> schalterchen ausprobieren. (delete-after zum Beispiel)
> Ich lass Dich raus aus so was.
> Gruss
> Markus
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