[Bug 2554] Output overwrite action

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Wed Mar 30 16:27:39 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From wayned at samba.org  2005-03-30 09:27 -------
It would be difficult to implement the log-format escapes you mention because,
at the time that the log-message is output, the destination information may not
be available (e.g. if the sending side is outputting the messages).  There is
already the "%l" (ell) escape for outputting the length of the file being
transferred, so you can see if rsync is going to transfer an empty file.

As for the '<' and '>' symbols, they indicate the direction of the transfer. 
They can't refer to the direction of the names on the command-line because those
names are always in the order SOURCE -> DEST.  If SOURCE is remote, we output a
'>... FILE" message because the information is flowing to the local file.  If
the SOURCE is local we output a '<... FILE" message, because the file is being
uploaded to the destination.  For a local transfer, the latter idiom is used
just because a local transfer is done using a "push", not a "pull" (it might be
nice to make a local transfer output using a '>', though, so that it always
means "written out locally").

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