Is rsync right for us?

Terry Dooher tdooher.lists at
Wed Mar 30 09:40:24 GMT 2005

Bruce Therrien wrote:
> Hi,
> What we want to do is synchronize our music files
> between our 2 servers like every 30 minutes or so.
> Been trying to find scripts to do this, but no success.
> The files are created on our Mac G4 running OS X 
> server, and then tranferred manually to the IBM server
> in the same office on the same network.

So long as the synchronisation is one-way and you're not trying to merge 
changes made on the IBM to the G4 at the same time, then rsync is absolutely 
ideal for your needs.

> We would like to automate the process, by checking the G4
> about every 30 minutes for changed files and then
> uploading them to the IBM, using the same
> directory structure, if possible..
 > It should also update any existing files on the IBM.

Rsync does all of the checking for you and will only upload the new files or 
the changed parts of the existing ones, thereby minimising network traffic. 
You just give it a local source directory and a remote destination and it will 
do the rest.  It's probably the quickest way you can do what you've specified.


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