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Tue Mar 29 22:35:03 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From maj at heko.dk  2005-03-29 15:35 -------
This is excellent! Thanks=)

~$ rsync -avxWrn --delete --log-format='%i %f' test1/ test2/
building file list ... done
*deleting file_a
.d..t.... test1/.
<f.st.... test1/file_b

In this case I can see that the file size have changed, but not if the source
file have changed to e.g. zero bytes, which probably would be bad.

Would the following escapes be a good idea to implant?:

%sc   source file checksum
%dc   destination file checksum
%ss   source file size
%ds   destination file size

And finally. My I suggest that send symbol is changed from '<' to '>' ?

My argument for making this suggestion is that the rsync syntex is
rsync [OPTION]... SRC [SRC]... DEST

and having send to be '>' could be translated as an arrow travelling from source
to destination.

Thanks again.

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