[Bug 2554] Output overwrite action

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Tue Mar 29 20:39:01 GMT 2005


------- Additional Comments From maj at heko.dk  2005-03-29 13:38 -------
I have now constructed a case, where I ought to see 1 file being deleted and 1
file being overwritten:

test1/file_a      (61 bytes)
test2/file_a      (17 bytes)
test2/file_b      (40 bytes)

~$ rsync -avRxWin --delete test1/ test2/
building file list ... done
cd+++++++ test1/
cd+++++++ test1/./
<f+++++++ test1/file_b

Because of --delete I would expect rsync to delete test2/file_b as it doesn't
excist on the sender.

Because file_a have a different file size, I would exspect rsync to overwrite
this file.

Is this correct understood?

I have put the testcase up at:

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