may be save on other directory

Alejandro Feijóo alfeijoo at
Tue Mar 29 11:31:10 GMT 2005

> Sounds like you want --compare-dest=../FULL:
>  rsync -av --compare-dest=../FULL host:/src/ monday

 That not make any god :(


 CLIENT            SERVER
 -fich1             -/FULL/fich1
 -fich2             -/BACKUP/monday/

 AFTER (cd /BACKUP and rsync -av --compare-dest=../FULL/ CLIENT:/

 CLIENT            SERVER
 -fich1            -/FULL/fich1
 -fich2            -/BACKUP/monday/fich1


 And i need

 CLIENT           SERVER
 -fich1          -/FULL/fich1
 -fich2          -/BACKUP/monday/fich2

 look! fich1 not do any because was on FULL before.

 Can Help me?

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