Rsync, cygwin and seemingly random deleting of files problem

Toby D. Watson t.d.watson at
Mon Mar 21 13:31:53 GMT 2005

Dear All,

I am running Rsync (2.6.3) on Windows Server 2003 via Cygwin, performing 
a pseudo-local sync (t: is a mapped NAS).

The Rsync command I am using is below, but I am having a problem whereby 
certain files are being deleted, seemingly at random. I am using the 
--delete flag. These files are not actually deleted as they are then 
transferred back in the sync process. However, this is a touch worrying.

I have found reference to this problem in several posts in the archive, 
as far back as 2002, so there seems to be some history. However, I can't 
find any solutions to this or official confirmation as to whether this 
is a problem or something do with user error!

If anyone has any suggestions at all, that would be very much appreciated.


c:\cygwin\bin\rsync.exe --verbose --progress --stats --archive --delete 
"/cygdrive/c/Users Shared Folders/t.d.watson" /cygdrive/t/t.d.watson
(I have also tried with --modify-window=1, but this makes no difference).

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